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[When the video turns on, all that can be seen is the gray sky up above and all that can be heard is the sound of one of the rivers close by. All else is quiet and nothing is moving.

However, after a moment, there's shuffling along with a few sniffles. It's obvious a person is there just not visible on the camera. Czes had been walking around in the snow when he tripped and fell. More than likely from a root sticking up from underneath the snow.

He sits up, rubbing his arms before shouting out a name.]

[He almost sounds like he’s about to cry. Well, okay he is crying. Tears are falling down his cold, red cheeks and he begins to let out a few choked sobs and gasps. He's cold and he's scared. It’s been a little over a half of an hour since he woke up in this forest and all he’s been doing is walking around trying to find someone--hopefully Fermet--but to no avail.

At least the Malnosso gave him a jacket to wear, though it isn't doing him much good in the long run.

The very same strange men had also given him a book before he passed out then woke up in the forest and told him to keep it safe. Why? He isn’t sure, but he’s been carrying it with him ever since. Like it will protect him if he holds it close enough to him.

The crying continues for a minute before he forces himself to calm down a little, mumbling the same name he shouted earlier to himself.]
Fermet... [He sniffles, takes a moment to rub his eyes then shuffles over to the journal. His face finally comes into view of the camera but he doesn’t know it’s turned on. The boy looks to be about six years old, his cheeks and nose are red, his eyes are glossy with tears and hold a look of fear in them.

His face doesn’t stay long on the feed as he shakily picks it up, dusts the snow off of it and closes it to hold it to his chest, which there is where the feed ends.

--- ---

A little later on in the day (towards later in the afternoon) anyone close to the plaza may spot a boy kneeling down in the snow. He isn’t making a snowman or snowballs or anything of the like. Instead, he’s pouring sugar and honey onto the snow. And then eating it straight off the ground. At least there's a good few inches of snow and it's not just sitting on dirt.

Snow is delicious, okay?]
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[It’s Halloween night. Czes has never really been one to worry over celebrating Halloween, candy, dressing up in costumes, the works, but these past few days have been hectic and he needs some entertainment.  Ghost stories is the best option he has though the story he has in mind is one he'd rather not discuss.  But if he can get a few people scared from it, maybe it'll be worth it.

Not sure how people can't not be scared by it at least...

His voice is low, almost like he’s scared to speak too loudly in case the creature pops up behind him. Which he kinda is. It somehow wouldn’t be that big of a surprise to him if the Malnosso were that cruel to him]

Back in my world, there’s this legend. It’s of a red monster called the Rail Tracer. [The meaning of the word ‘monster’ is used to the fullest extent here.] It rides the rail tracks and follows trains in the shadows and they say that when anyone on board believes he’s real, he climbs on board and overtakes the train, murdering everyone on it.

[A beat] But I don’t think that last part is right. I think he just waits until the opportune moment… then [SMACK. His hands hit the table that the journal is resting on. He’s trying to focus on scaring others rather than himself] goes in for his kill.

The scariest part about this legend, is that it’s real. [No really, it’s real.] I didn’t think it was at first but then I saw the blood-covered monster with my own eyes once! [Saw him, was killed by him and was tortured by him. All in one night.]

I even saw him murdering the passengers. He would silently snatch them up from their cars and hold them over the tracks until they would get so close to the moving ground that their faces and limbs would be ripped right off! [His arm starts to tingle from the memory and he bites his lip for a moment.  The memory is all too vivid, even after all this time.  It haunts him still.

See, Czes is really telling his own story here. He was the one who got his hand and arm literally ripped off by that monster’s torture tactics. He isn’t entirely sure if anyone else got this treatment but it wouldn’t surprise him if anyone did.

He shudders]
It was really scary…
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[After a short trip to the grocery store, Czes comes back to the fifth floor of building seven and sets out the box of spaghetti and can of tomato sauce out on the counter.  Despite how Firo made him paranoid about eating the food here, the kid has to eat something.  

So as he puts a pot of water on the stove for himself then sits down at a near by table.  He stares out the kitchen window for a few minutes, watching the storm outside when boredom strikes him and he pulls out his journal]

You know, it's strange. To think that a lot of us are from 'Earth' and yet they're not the same 'Earth' that each of us are familiar with.  For example, someone could be from... I don't know, let's say Tokyo since a bunch of you appear to be from Japan, but it won't be the same Tokyo you know.  In some way, it'll be different.

Things never happened the way one person knows it did in their version of Tokyo.

What would that be called again... parallel universes, right?

[He places some of the spaghetti into the pot of boiling water and turns down the stove a little]

So do you think that there might be like... another version of us on our different versions of 'Earth'? It's kind of exciting to think about actually.  They'd have different memories, friends and maybe family...

I wonder what would happen if we ran into our other selves on this trip the Malnosso were talking about.

Would the universe just go BOOM? [He throws his hands into the air then chuckles a bit to himself]

Well, it was just a thought.  [ ... ] What would you do if you could meet another version of yourself?  Would you envy them for having a different life--for being set on a different path?
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[If you're in the Good Spirits bar today, you may hear an audible 'thunk' coming from under one of the tables.  It sounds like someone's head just clonked against the bottom of it, and one just did.  A ten year old boy just woke up under the table and sat up only to have his head meet the table in a not so nice manner.

Why he's there?  Czes really has no idea.  In fact, he has no idea where he is.  All he knows is that this can't be the Alveare.  This place isn't as classy and the atmosphere... it's just too different.  Besides, what would he be doing back at the Alveare?  Last thing he remembered doing was running away from Claire.  He should've ended up back with Ennis...

The wings and pain running through his back are definitely not helping with his confusion.  He even cringes as he tries to scoot back against the wall.  

What should he do?  He can't tell if any of those people out there are immortals, not from here at least.  He needs to get a good look at everyone and talk to them.

So only a minute or so after the 'thunking' sound, he gets out from under the table and for a moment, he just looks around, observing everyone there.  He then approaches anyone close by.]  U-Um, excuse me?

[A little while after he wakes up at Good Spirits, Czes will be seen outside in the snow, wandering around in this outfit as he had managed to find his way to the clothing store and grab something nice and warm.  He doesn't look scared like earlier, he actually has a more thoughtful look on his face.]

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Nov. 9th, 2007 08:56 pm
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